It is amidst many challenges particularly in the unprecedented times of a pandemic that the Sri Lanka Dental
Association (SLDA) celebrates its 89th birthday December 6.
Before dealing with how the SLDA armed its members against the new coronavirus to best serve their patients,
its President Prof. Manil Fonseka says it plays a three-prong role.

With a membership of around 1,900, the SLDA’s role includes educating the people on the prevention
of oral diseases; professional development of its members; and being the ‘link’ not only among the
other major stakeholders such as the Health Ministry, especially in the formulation of policy but also
international organizations. It is a member of the World Dental Federation, headquartered in Switzerland,
with over 200 members from more than 130 countries.
Sri Lanka has around 3,500 dental surgeons, a majority in the state hospitals; 300-400 working exclusively
in the private sector; 70-80 in the university system; and 50-60 in the security forces.
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