Member Registration

Eligibility criteria for Membership of the Sri Lanka Dental Association

  • A Dental Practitioner registered under section 43 of the Medical Ordinance at Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC) is eligible for membership of Sri Lanka Dental Association (SLDA).
  • Acceptance of your Membership will be notified to you, at the council meeting, following submission of your application and payment of membership fees.
  • An Ordinary Member should pay the annual membership fees before 31st of December each year to continue Membership without loss of seniority.
SLDA Library Membership
  • Library Member is entitled to borrow three journals at any one time from the Lending Section of the Library.
  • Journals less than three months old from the date of issue are only for reference.
  • Items borrowed should be returned within 3 weeks’ time or extended by a letter, fax, email or telephone call at least 3 working days before due date.
  • However, if any other Member has requested for that item and is on the waiting list, extension will not be granted.
  • Any item not returned in time is liable for a fine of Rs. 5/- per item per day. Please obtain a receipt from office Assistant if you happen to pay a fine.
  • Kindly see that you don’t cause any damage to the items borrowed or tear pages from it.
SLDA Identity Card
  • Only a Life Member is eligible to apply for SLDA Identity Card.
Membership Type and Fees
  • Ordinary Member* Rs. 500/- (Per calendar year)
  • Life Member Rs. 4,500/- (Rs. 500/-+Rs 4,000/-)
  • Library Membership Rs. 500/- (Refundable)
  • SLDA Identity Card Rs. 500/- (Only Life Members are entitled)
Membership Registration
Residential Address
Residential Address
City / Town
Postal code
Country of Birth
Officail Address
Officail Address
City / Town
Postal code
Country of Employment
All correspondence must be directed to
(Please note that your residential address will be considered for correspondence unless specified otherwise)
You must be proposed and seconded by two members of the SLDA